Fatwa Translation Project

JAKIM has appointed INFAD to carry out the Muzakarah Results Project Translation for The Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Affairs of Malaysia, JAKIM from Malay to English and Arabic. INFAD has appointed a number of Panel from USIM's lecturers to be a Panel Translator for this translation projects.

Muzakarah Results Translation Project National Council for Fatwa Committee of Malaysia's Islamic Religious Affairs is divided into two categories:

a) The results of Malay Muzakarah Translated into English.
    INFAD Panel Translator:

    1. Y. Bhg. Dr. Mustaqim Muhammad bin Mohd Zarif, Director, School of Core (PPT)
    2. Y. bhg. Dr. Yasmin Hanani Mohd Safian, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Shariah and Law (FSU)


  •     Y. Pts. Prof. Dato 'Dr. Mohammad Haji Alias, Deputy Director INFAD

b) The decision of Malay Translated into Arabic

     INFAD Panel Translator:

    1. Y. Bhg. Dr. Rijal Zainur Abd Razak, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Major Languages (FPBU)
    2. Y. Bhg. Dr. Hajib Abidin, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Major Languages (FPBU)
    3. En. Mohamed Haji Ibrahim, Lecturer, Faculty of Major Languages (FPBU)

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