Writing Format Sefpia (2)

SeFPIA 2018 paperwork can be written and presented in three languages:

i. Malay.

ii. English.

iii. Arabic.


(1) Abstract Format:

Malay Abstract: Please click here!

English Abstract: Please click here!

Arabic Abstract: Please click here!


(2) Full Paperwork Format:

Malay Paperwork: Please click here!

English Paperwork: Please click here!

Arabic Paperwork: Please click here!


List of refereed journals:

  1. Jurnal Pengurusan dan Penyelidikan Fatwa (INFAD, USIM)
  2. Jurnal Ulum Islamiyyah (USIM)
  3. Journal of Hadith Studies (FPQS, USIM)
  4. Jurnal al-Abaqari (FKP, USIM)
  5. The Journal of Muamalat and Islamic Finance Research (JMIFR) (FEM, USIM)
  6. Journal of Ma'alim Al-Quran Wa Al-Sunnah (FPQS, USIM)
  7. Jurnal Sains Insani (PPT, USIM)


Note: The publication of the SeFPIA 2018 paperwork in the above-mentioned journals is subject to valuation and payment of fees. All papers submitted will undergo double blind review process by two reviewers.

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